Justina Janda, MA, CSLC

About Me


Hello, I'm Justina and I welcome you to my site!

Before any professional titles, I am first and foremost a spiritual explorer of the inner frontier. My heart and soul are most passionate about the journey that takes us deeper into our souls, and higher into spirit. I have spent the last 15+ years of my life exploring, studying and practicing different religions and spiritual traditions. As the saying goes, there are many paths up the mountain, and I have deep respect for all the varying and beautiful routes. I am always excited to meet a fellow journeyer and hear about their path. 

I have a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with 3 years of experience as a counselor. I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach (CSLC) at Free Spirit: Spiritual Exploration Coaching on a mission to help others on their spiritual journeys. 

Are you on a journey of discovering, exploring, and deepening

your spirituality? 

Let me walk with you as we explore your spiritual journey and help you to:

Explore and define your spiritual path 

Cultivate a spiritual practice

Learn meditation

Establish a connection to your soul and to spirit 

Process and integrate your spiritual experiences

Discover and live your soul's calling 

Break through self-limiting blocks 

Experience self-love

Create a fulfilling life infused with spiritual inspiration 

Discovering and exploring your spiritual path