Adventures of the Inner and Outer Realms Part 2: Inner and Outer Landscapes

Throughout your life, your inner landscape presents its contents to you again and again. When you are aware of all its elements, you are in continual communication with your soul. - Gary Zukav

The last week of my life has been a constant communion with inner and outer landscapes. Externally I started my journey in Boone, North Carolina, and went through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. I have really felt how the external landscapes and vibrations of different locations have influenced or reflected my inner landscape. I saw that my inner world is constantly changing like all the different scenery I move through on the road.

I have a partner on the road, which was unplanned until the last couple weeks before my journey. My adventure companion is also a great spiritual companion, and helps deepen my inner exploration. He helps me see that everything always passes, mentally and emotionally. We experience a lot of deep relational healing together. Sometimes it is really difficult because I get in touch with shadow parts of myself that are difficult to feel and see. But then instead of believing that they are me, I let them move through me and recognize it is not the end of the world; that I am beyond them.

It's been beautiful to explore how I can connect with the Divine anywhere, anytime. I have been continually blessed to experience a lot of light and love that comes to me from the Divine through meditation. I also feel so in love with the lands in the west; they are so sacred, wild, and free. My favorite land so far has been in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the mountains and open land in Montana have been really special too. Connecting with the transcendent Divine and the earthy sacredness makes me feel at home anywhere.

We have been moving around really spontaneously, and letting ourselves be intuitively guided. I am realizing that I am a pretty nomadic person, that I love to move around, explore and be free. It seems we are headed back down south now to warmer weather, through western Montana, Idaho and Utah, which my travel partner says is one of the prettiest drives in the country. I am looking forward to being back in desert areas, because I feel particularly at home in deserts.

Thanks for reading and stay groovy!

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