What is Spiritual Exploration Coaching? 

I believe we all deeply desire to feel more connected to ourselves and to something greater than ourselves; to love, peace, and freedom. Our minds are searching for Truth, and our hearts are longing for Love. So we turn to the spiritual path to satiate those deep inquiries and longings. 


My Spiritual Exploration Coaching services help you to explore what spirituality means to you. We are living in a time when more and more people are leaving traditional religions and are instead drawn to forge their own unique connection to soul and spirit. If you are reading this, you are likely one of these people.


You may not be aware of all the spiritual paths available to you and could use help exploring those options. Maybe you need help finding ways to create or deepen connection to your inner self and to your higher power, want to figure out how to incorporate spirituality into your daily life, or you just need someone to hold space while you work out your definition of spirituality. 

It can be frustrating and confusing when we feel alone on the path because we have no one to talk to about our spiritual experiences or interest in spiritual topics. Spiritual Exploration Coaching is a safe and welcoming space for free-thinking and discussion; where you can truly give your soul a voice. 


I am not a guru or a spiritual teacher. As a Spiritual Exploration Coach I am simply a fellow explorer who can help you get your bearings on the spiritual journey. Together we will find the philosophy, teachings, and practices that resonate for you, and learn how to integrate your spirituality into daily life so that you can live a more meaningful, connected, and fulfilling life. 

My coaching services can help you to:

  • Explore different spiritual practices and paths and find the ones that resonate with your soul

  • Cultivate a relationship with your higher power in your own unique way 

  • Find creative ways of integrating your spiritual philosophies and ideals into daily life

  • Learn different forms of meditation and commit to a daily practice

  • Process, integrate, and embody the gifts of your spiritual experiences 

  • Develop the discernment to recognize healthy versus unhealthy spirituality

  • Free your mind of limiting thoughts and beliefs through self-inquiry 

  • Heal underlying wounding that blocks your connection to your Self 

  • Nurture a connection to your heart and cultivate self-love

  • Connect with spiritual resources that further your path 

*Disclaimer: Coaching is not therapy and does not diagnose or treat any psychological conditions. Always consult a mental health professional for treatment of mental health concerns. 

This is a free 30 minute session to get to know each other, learn about how I can help you on your journey, and see if my coaching is the right for you. 

All sessions are online

Spiritual Exploration Session

Exploring, cultivating, and integrating your spirituality into your daily life.

All sessions are online

Free Discovery Session


"Justina holds space for you to open to your own sense of connection to the divine. By providing a calm, open atmosphere, you can begin to really give energy and attention to your inner spiritual life. Her unique coaching style affirms your experiences and incorporates unique practices to help you drop in deeper and connect with self help to bring clarity and momentum to your spiritual growth. Over time, my sessions with Justina have deepened and they are now checkpoints where I get to assess where I am and where I am being led on my on personal path. If you're looking to grow your own spiritual practice, I highly recommend enlisting Justina as your personal sounding board and guide along your path."

-Ashley W. 

"Justina is a caring individual who goes out of her way to help guide you on a spiritual journey. I came to her with a feeling of wanting more calm and acceptance, and I certainly left with that. The work that we did together has impacted my life in so many ways. Overall I have seen improvements in all of the areas I wanted to improve, and look forward to continuing to better myself through Justina's teachings."

-Evan B.

"Working with Justina has been nothing short of transformational! She has helped me explore my limiting beliefs and blocks that were holding me back from pursuing opportunities and living my best life. I would bring up a new issue every session and she gracefully guided me to spiritual solutions. After 4 months of working together, I feel more in touch with true self than I ever have. By the end of each session I had a new outlook on whatever was troubling me. Through her coaching I’ve connected back with my spirituality and am finally felling a sense of fulfillment. Justina, I can’t thank you enough for reconnecting me with myself and the Universe!"

-Sarah E.

“ I have been interested in spirituality for a long time. While I grew up in the Christian tradition, as I have gotten older I have become more interested in nourishing my spirit than attending church as an organized activity. I have long known my “church” is outside in nature, but until i started working with Justina I really hadn’t given much thought to being more deliberate about using spirituality to live a more calm, connected, meaningful life. Justina and I explored some techniques to help me with discernment about what is soul nourishing to me, whether regarding relationships or issues surrounding work. I really enjoyed working with her and appreciate the ways she helped me deepen my own relationship with my soul.”

-Anne S. 

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